Shenzhen DiJiean Technology Co. LTD

             Di Jie 'an Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional security product research and development, production and sales of science and technology enterprises, is the leading domestic professional security equipment provider. The company focuses on the production and sales of POE switches, POE separators, network Repeaters, network line dividers, lightning protection devices, network extenders, network serializers, passive twisted-wire transmitters, video multiplexers, video anti-interference devices, optical transceivers, and converge-type optical transceivers, providing product design for customers. To the scheme design, after-sales service support and other comprehensive services.

      We always adhere to independent innovation, research and development design, actively integrate the resources of international chip manufacturers, increase the core competitiveness of enterprises. The company with strong technical force and quality service system, products and project cases throughout the country. Widely used in shopping malls, light pole monitoring, factories and mines, electrolytic aluminum workshop, road traffic, tourist attractions, mountain areas, farms and other places. And public inspection units, power, factories and mines, enterprises, highways, hospital networks, expert consultation monitoring system. We strictly control the quality of each product, and rigorous production technology and professional service team, in the majority of customers set up a good image, become a well-known brand in the security industry.